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The article “Social Cybersecurity: An Emerging National Security Requirement” highlights the importance of social cybersecurity and how the digital world has evolved into platforms where anyone can spread disinformation that significantly influe (More)
Journal entry -- Bug Bounty PoliciesA later module addresses cybersecurity policy through a social science framework. At this point, attention can be drawn to one type of policy, known as bug bounty policies. These policies pay individuals for ident (More)
Review the following ten photos through a cybersecurity human systems integration framework.Create a meme explaining what is going on in the individual’s or individuals’ mind(s). Explain how your memes relate to Human Systems Integration. Thi (More)
I've listed for you three fake websites and three real websites. Comparing and understanding the format and functionality of these sites can help determine how to spot fake ones to keep your information safe. Fake Websites: One: https://best (More)
Prompt: Visit PrivacyRights.org to see the types of publicly available informationabout data breaches. How might researchers use this information tostudy breaches? The information provided by the given site aids in the research of data breaches i (More)
Prompt: Explain how the principles of science relate to cybersecurity The principles of science are as follows; Relativism, Objectivity, Parsimony, Empiricism, Skepticism, Ethical Neutrality, and Determinism. When talking about relativism the pri (More)
Prompt: Review the NICE Workforce Framework. Are there specific areas that you would want to focus your career on? Explain which areas would appeal the most to you and which would appeal the least. The NICE Framework is a national resource that p (More)