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I made this one to try to illustrate a human behavior pattern a vast number of people have experienced and have been compelled to partake in. In the image, the subject is annoyed because they have to update their old password multiple tim (More)
So I would like to preface my response by stating I don't exactly understand what is meant by "make the most and least sense". I believe this could be interpreted two different ways. One way is what I personally think would make sense to me If I was (More)
First on the hierarchy are the physiological needs. These can essentially be considered the things you must have to survive. If you don't have water or food access, you die, simple as that. Today, though, technology like computers and phones, are po (More)
While the hard sciences can come to some pretty concrete solutions, it has been argued by many that the social sciences can come to just as provable and testable conclusions. With that in mind, we can use the scientific method and scientific concept (More)
When reviewing the NICE Workforce Framework, there are a few areas that I would definitely be fine with focusing my career on. The most alluring, I would say, would be "investigate". Going into fields like digital forensics sounds very interesting. (More)