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In some ways, economics helps cyber professionals understand cyber attacks from a monetary perspective. In economics, there are a couple of theories that explain how economies work. Also in some ways, social science helps cyber professionals underst (More)
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In the world today, there’s information warfare going on between numerous countries around the globe to promote propaganda, more division, and opposing views against countries that are peaceful. However, with the help of social cybersecurity, this (More)
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202310_CYSE201S_24153 CYBERSECURITY & SOCIAL SCIENCE Cyber Security and Social Science Nathan Guman Carrer Paper Introduction: According to the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, the digital economy accounted (More)
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Nathan Guman CYSE 201S Cyber Security and Social Science Journal Entry 15 Watch this video and think about how the career of digital forensics investigators relate to the social sciences. Write a journal entry describing what you think abou (More)
Introduction to Security Awareness and Training SpecialistsIn the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, security awareness and training (SAT) specialists play a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals and organizations from cyberattacks.  (More)
This blog post is about illegal activities on the Internet.  The author describes them as things that are “quite common, but may lead to unwanted consequences” (Slynchuk, 2021).  The top 5 activities that it discusses includes using un (More)