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lkopa002 wrote: CYSE 200 T Entry #4
1. What are the costs and benefits of developing cybersecurity programs in business? The digital age has made cybersecurity a crucial concern for businesses of all sizes. With the increasing number of cyber threats and data breaches, compani (More)
lkopa002 wrote: CYSE 200 T Entry #3
How has cyber technology created opportunities for workplace deviance? Cyber technology has revolutionized how we work and communicate, providing numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity. However, it has also (More)
lkopa002 wrote: CYSE 200 T Entry #2
1. Describe four ethical issues that arise when storing electronic information about individuals. Storing electronic information about individuals can pose several ethical issues. One major issue is the potential for breaches in security, which c (More)
lkopa002 wrote: CYSE 200 T Entry #1
Why are you interested in cybersecurity technology? One reason why I am interested in cybersecurity technology is because it can help me protect my personal information and online identity. For example, by understanding how to create strong passwo (More)