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How has cyber technology created opportunities for workplace deviance? I believe cyber technology has created opportunities for workplace deviance because of how user-friendly, easy to use, and accessible it is. For example, many people carry tec (More)
jcumb002 wrote: Cybersecurity Everywhere
CVS is a company in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is primarily a Pharmacy company. Its primary customers are urban residents in Generation X. This company needs cybersecurity becausethey deal with POS systems, supply chain management, insu (More)
Overall, I enjoyed the Career Connections event. I met with all the employers present, including Sentara, NASA's Office of the Inspector General, and Aermor. I most enjoyed speaking to the Naval Information Warfare Center and found their NRE (More)
jcumb002 wrote: Protecting Availability
Availability, especially in publicly-traded companies, is essential to maintaining funding, reputation, and reliability. As the CISO, I would implement intrusion detection/prevention systems and backups to protect the business and the aforementioned (More)