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amilliga wrote: What is a shofar?
There are many instruments in our world. Some people have played, seen, listened to, or learned how to play various types of instruments, whether it be the Triangle or the Theremin. Some people seek out learning to play an instrument because of the (More)
amilliga wrote: What is a tallit/tallis?
The Tallit or Tallis, depending on how you want to spell it (Hebrew/Yiddish), is a Jewish prayer shawl. Typically these shawls are tied with knots or fringes along the edges. Additionally they are almost always made of wool and are traditionally whi (More)
amilliga wrote: What is havdalah?
Havdalah, or “separation” in Hebrew, is Shabbat’s closing ritual. In a simple multi-faceted ceremony, there are blessings over lights, spices, and wine or grape juice, Havdalah is an uplifting way to end Shabbat and start the new week. The (More)
There are many pertinent symbols of Judaism which all represent various customs. Two of these symbols are called challah and a challah cover. Challah is braided-style bread that is typically eaten on Shabbat (Jews’ Day of (More)