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1) This semester went so fast! Over the semester I was able to help out my team with researching for ideas for our upcoming build (but that was cancelled), got in contact with the elementary school teacher to help us out with the curriculum, and I f (More)
My contribution to the project consisted mainly of working on the curriculum we presented to Lindenwood Elementary for a summer school program for the kids, that would teach them about ThinSats and small satellites. I helped plan the activities for (More)
rpret002 wrote: Blog Post 5: ThinSat 8
In my last blog post I was hoping to get a better layout of the curriculum and I am glad to say my team and I got a really good layout for the curriculum. The team and I sent out the draft to the Elementary school teacher to get see how we can impro (More)
qberr001 wrote: Blog Post 5: Thinsat
1) What tasks you have completed since your last blog post These past few weeks have mostly consisted of working on our final paper draft, gannt chart, and budget. Completing our paper consisted of each of us writing a methods and an introduction (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 5; Thinsat 8
This past week we have been spending most of our time on the final paper draft. I was in charge of writing the discussion part of the paper as well as creating the Gantt Chart among other small editing tasks. We have realized that our project will b (More)
kcree001 wrote: Blog Post 4; Thinsat 8
This past week I have continued working on the curriculum for our project, the main objective for our project this semester is to get the curriculum ready to present to the kids and have a lesson plan in hopes we can meet up with them. I was in char (More)
rpret002 wrote: Blog Post 4: ThinSat 8
In my last post I talked about trying to get hands on access to a ThinSat, the following week my group meet together and we had a chance to work with our ThinSat and see how they work. Unfortunately, I am still struggling to get my ThinSat working, (More)