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Hey there Monarchs!For the past seven or so months the world has been struck with a pandemic. An unprecedented time in our lives as things are turned upside down by a force that is literally invisible to the naked eye. A virus.  As a college st (More)
With the addition of a pandemic and the corollary health considerations, the amount of planning going into this school year may far exceed any past school year preparations. Here are some helpful guidelines to get your children back to school safely (More)
[metaslider id="798"] This post is presented with assistance from ODU's Office of Emergency Preparedness. As a community partner, all ODU campuses and resources may also be made available to assist jurisdictions, agencies, or other organizations (More)
by Allan Blank Curator of Music Special Collections Lara Canner With massive closures occurring all over the country due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), what happens if the repository you rely upon shuts its doors to researchers? Does scholarly wo (More)