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mreye006 wrote: Aamaal 5/31
Today I interviewed a young man from Asia. While I didn't finish the interview, he provided a lot of rich details about his trip(s) from Asia to the U.S., especially regarding his experience with a Canadian-based smuggler that exploited him and his (More)
mreye006 wrote: Ayana 5/27; 5/29
This was hard. This interview was graphic and detailed. I was trying to be careful to make sure the respondent got the breaks she needed; and I was also careful to make sure that she understood that she didn't need to share any details that were dif (More)
mreye006 wrote: Michelle 3/28
On Monday, 3/25, I interviewed Michelle from Central America. She spoke English fairly well because the day I interviewed her, she had been at the shelter for over a year. Traveling with one of her children and the child's father, the family became s (More)
mreye006 wrote: Leticia 3/19
On this day, I interviewed a staff member whose role at the shelter places her in a very interesting position in that she has the most obvious role in collaborating with clients in forming their narratives for application. She helps translate documen (More)
mreye006 wrote: Alex Post-Interview
Today, 3/16, I continued my interview with Alex from Eastern Europe. He shared the photos that he took over the last 48 hours. While he only took 3 photos, he added 2 more photos as our interview closed out. His photos, titled "Comforting Atmosphere (More)
mreye006 wrote: Alex 3/13
Today I interviewed Alex from Eastern Europe. This interview had its challenges, but it gave me a lot to think about. Alex was quiet and reserved, and I suspect that this was because of his preoccupation with his English skills. We relied a lot on G (More)