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Christopher VanOstrand wrote: SAE Aero Design East Blog Post #10
This week we did some more foam cutting on the foam cutter constructed last week. George tried some more carbon fiber molds and they were not coming out stronger or lighter than the ABS 3D printer Plastic. Emma's father made some balsa leading and tr (More)
For this week's meeting our adviser finally acquired some materials from MBI. Specifically, the material was glass fibers that was held together by epoxy. This black sheet will be used to cut into platelets and assemble into a sandwich structure to b (More)
jdant002 wrote: Blog Post #4
This past week my team and I continued researching some journals and attended our weekly meeting with our advisor. The research my team and I covered was on different types of three point bending testing equipment. This was relevant becau (More)
As usual, our project required research on the topic. This time about shear lag theory. This wasn't discussed too much in our meeting however. The meeting went pretty quickly because our adviser had another meeting to attend to. A bit of good news ca (More)