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Our bodies are what allows us to navigate through the world, day in and day out. To understand our bodies, we must understand what bodylore is. According to Amy Milligan, “Bodylore includes the ways in which the body is used as a canvas for inheri (More)
While we might not want to admit it, body image and our perception of other bodies is a part of our everyday life. Our decision on what to wear, what to eat, how we interact, and how we perceive others is all dependent on body image. Our perception (More)
Media effects on body imaging Image retrieved from: https://me.me/i/warning-reflections-in-this-mirror-may-be-distorted-by-socially-7196457 Like every woman who is constantly being targeted through media, I understood how it was affecting me (More)
Figure 1: Face Paint & Family Fun, Picture  by Selena Carlson-Hagstrom 9, YES! Nine fantastic offspring between me and the hubster - we adore each of them along with our new absolutely perfect granddaughter. I’ve spent a lot of years as (More)
Challenging Body Norms through Media Photo courtesy of Huffington Post Bahadur, N. (2017, December 7). How Dove Tried To Change The Conversation About Female Beauty. Retrieved from https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dove-real-beauty-campaign-turns-1 (More)