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ssmit059 wrote: Final Blog Post: ThinSat
1) What was your contribution to your project this semester? To support this, provide and explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution. My contr (More)
ssmit059 wrote: Blog post 5: ThinSat
Spent five to seven hours conducting an experiment determining whether if there is or isn't a difference between a black to white background surfaces when it comes to UVA and UVB light absorption. Report: The team did some proof of concepts ex (More)
Last week, there was significant progress on the project. Progress is broken down into two blocks. Progress on software and hardware side. HARDWARE On the hardware side, it was possible to work on site. It was assessed that a base needs to be (More)