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what tasks you have completed since your last blog post (this should be a detailed summary) After the last blog post and the meetings that we had each week, we distributed our group of four into two groups based on technical skills and preference (More)
pzell002 wrote: Getting Organized
Last week was all about getting organized and moving in the right directions. The team met three times: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Tuesday's meeting hashed out the organizational structure of the team. We have six members, so we divided into two t (More)
bstaa001 wrote: Blog Post 2 - Reupload
Since our last meeting I have spent about 2 hours researching information for our introduction. We have three reasons for designing our bike and I’ve been finding our group members scholarly articles that can help with our introduction. From doing (More)
Since our first meeting with our faculty advisor, Dr. Demuren, me and the other team members have started to gather literature resources such as journals, articles etc. individually for the project. We plan to create google doc where we summarize ou (More)
jedwa014 wrote: Week of Oct 5-11 Update
The past week has been fairly productive. We've settled into a routine of two online meetings a week of two hours each. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Hou, was able to join us this past Tuesday for our meeting to discuss some of the resources we've been c (More)