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zclar002 wrote: Blog 8: Zachery Clarke
This week's focus was getting a prototype for the wing mounts, building a jig for the construction of the balsa wing, and completing a test section of the thin foam wing. I started the week off by 3d printing a front wing mount prototype design that (More)
This week was a firm week of follow through for the group. Construction of the balsa wing begun and the laser cutter and foam cutter were put to good use in regards to the foam wing. Molds were made and foam cutting was practiced. Airfoils were teste (More)
This week was a hectic week. Our group met with Dr. Landman to discuss plans going forward with the plane emphasizing more that we only have a short time window left to get a working and viable plane. With all the design choices at hand I’ve been j (More)
zclar002 wrote: Blog 7: Zachery Clarke
This weeks work was on completing the design for the V-tail. I was able to finish the base design for the V-tail and get the guide for the group to build the ruddevators next week. The guide entails of a 2d sketch that is to scale to the real objec (More)