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Supplies came in and look at what I got! Gigantic folders! At an impressive 16W x 20H the gigantic folder eclipses the standard 11W x 10H folder Now, Reader I know what you are thinking: "Really random internet archivist, those folders seem a (More)
What is an "Arrangement" in music? Essentially, arrangements are the reorganization of an already created work through the altering of orchestration, structure, transitions and themes. Arrangements are often referred to as Cover Versions and can enc (More)
About a week ago, over dinner, my S.O. brought up the topic of "the graduation song"... What's it actually called? Why do schools cross the United States use the same song over and over, from Elementary to University? and Isn't time to find a differe (More)
I've discovered a great deal about writing music from Allan Blank's composer's notebooks. Yet, the the greatest lesson I've gained from Mr. Blank is that music whether simple, or complex can be found everywhere. Now, as a parent, I want to teach my c (More)
Last week one of our new student workers asked me what I was working on. I explained that I am the Archival Processor for the Allan Blank Collection and my job is to preserve and organize the composer's work. Picking up a copy of "A Miscellany for Sa (More)
Thomas Hardy wrote a tale of a tragic man whose ambitions are never realized, his love lost and his life plagued by death. Jude the Obscure interweaves the themes of education, religion, sexuality, marriage and death throughout the tale of young Jude (More)
  Happy Valentine’s Day music lovers, archive lovers and lovers of Allan Blank! To celebrate this day of love, I wanted to share a composition by Mr. Blank based off the poem Brown Penny by William Butler Yeats from “Four Yeats Songs for (More)