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Lenora Thorbjornsen wrote: Shifting Gears
It's that time of year- The trees are losing their leaves and many students are losing their minds to the increasingly busy Fall semester. As you may be aware early alert (midterm) grades are in, which means we have an excellent opportunity to check (More)
Lenora Thorbjornsen wrote: Learning From What you Love
Learning is not exclusive to textbooks and/or a classroom; In fact, it is generally accepted that some things are learned best outside of a structured learning environment. Now I’m not talking about the ‘street-smarts’ v. ‘book learning’ de (More)
Lenora Thorbjornsen wrote: Engaged & Over Engaged
Theories of involvement and research into student achievement has found that student engagement (academic and non-academic) is critical to success.  Results from the National Survey of Student Engagement (1) found a link between higher levels of eng (More)