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Ethical issues that can arise are whether the information provided will be safe and protected and whether the information provided to the application is being sold. Privacy is a big deal when it comes to apps, but everyone has different views of how (More)
I have learned that failure is not the end. You only truly fail once you have completely given up. I have failed before but that did not stop me from being able to succeed in the task that I was working on. Failure gives you the chance to reevaluate (More)
jhint003 wrote: How is failure good?
Failing is motivation to succeed. Often times we as people need to fail in order to see what we did wrong and how we can change to accomplish something good. Most people who are successful today have failed at some point, but they have turned their (More)
Entrepreneurship is both an art and a science. From the art aspect, the entrepreneur has to have an innovation that is eye-catching. Entrepreneurs should have a vision of what they want their product to look like design and feel. From the science, a (More)
Each discipline connects to entrepreneurship in its own way, but all of them are reaching the same end goal. Communication is one of the bigger disciplines in entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur has to be able to communicate their idea on paper and be (More)