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tmeat001 wrote: Reading Post Week 4
It is a relatively common notion among the general public that technology is ‘moving rapidly’ or ‘changing constantly.’ The scope of this is beyond any one singular idea, but there are some ideas that help us categorize the breakneck pace of (More)
When I think about the theory of affordances, I imagine a rabbit hole. I consider everything around me right now in my office. My desk affords support of my keyboard, which affords support of my fingers typing on it to create words and communication (More)
An Airbnb listing connects your space to potential future guests. How you craft it will help it stand out among others and attract people to book. Creating an Airbnb listing is easy, but if you are new to this platform and writing about your spac (More)
Bed and breakfasts, commonly referred to as B&Bs, have a long history of existence and a seasoned online presence. B&Bs are marketed as more boutique, personalized places to stay rather than a corporate, standard hotel. They enable both gues (More)