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awils012 wrote: Thinsat - Blog 9
This week for the outreach subgroup has been mainly reconstructing experiments that were created in previous MAE 111 courses regarding ThinSat and getting step by step processes to include into my construction of the weekly activities that are to ta (More)
awils012 wrote: ThinSat - Blog 8
This past week I have been working with issues and troubleshooting different FlatSats that I have due to the data collected not being sent over to the Space Data Dashboard although the FlatSat shows signs of the transmitting data. I have also been b (More)
awils012 wrote: ThinSat - Blog 6
This week, I researched articles and conference proceedings to validate the extent of UVA/UVB radiation exposure and its effects on astronauts in space. According to NASA's newsletter titled, "Real Martians: How to Protect Astronauts from Space Radi (More)