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This past week, my main focus has still been based on the configuration of the xChips. However, on Wednesday I conducted an experiment to test the connectivity of the pieces needed for the weather balloon experiment. The weather balloon experiment co (More)
This week my subgroup went to BAL to test the xChips to establish a baseline for our incorrect altitude readings. In this case, our baseline was 3m. The test consisted of starting at the first floor, recording the altitude, and then adding 70m to it. (More)
This week, I focused on reconfiguring different sets of chips to troubleshoot the inaccurate readingsĀ  that came with the previous chips. At first, the new chips seemed to be working properly. However, when it came time to project the measurements, (More)
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Last week, I met with my group on Wednesday to discuss the xChips and the possible experiments that we could incorporate with the students. However, before we could discuss experiments, the xChips had to be configured. The xChips are mainly used to r (More)
This past week our group met to discuss the formation of our subgroups. The subgroups consist of: Aerodynamic, Heat Shield, Outreach and Electrical/Communications. I am a part of the Outreach group led by Travis Wright. As the week continued, I decid (More)