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Digital-CompositionDownload Digital-Composition-ScriptDownload *I put the link for my Google Slides project in a comment in case this format does not work with sound. (More)
Google Slides is a web-based program that specializes in collaborative presentation. One may access Google Slides for free through Google Docs Editors suite, which was created by Google. Google Docs Editor suite also includes Google Docs, Google She (More)
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In James J. Gibson’s book, The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception, Gibson analyzes how one perceives the environment surrounding us. Gibson creates the term affordance. Affordance is what the environment offers the individual. Gibson defines (More)
Instagram is a social media app that focuses on photo/video sharing and adding filters. Instagram allows creators to find like-minded individuals to create and join discourse communities. Through this idea, the genre of Instagram Influencer feeds wa (More)