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kpier004 wrote: Week 12 Blog | 12/3/17
This week as a slow, but productive week for us. Monday we met we Chen and he showed us how to test our fuel cell using FuelCell software available in the H2 lab. He also deconstructed a fuel cell, giving us an idea of how we best assemble our own fu (More)
kpier004 wrote: Week 11 Blog | 11/26/17
This week was a short one. We meet with Drs. Zhang and Demuren on Tuesday to discuss the prototyping process. We mainly focused on how to design a single fuel cell that allow hydrogen gas to flow on one side and oxygen gas on the other. We decided on (More)
rgray025 wrote: Blog Post #11
Hello valued reader, as you know it was a short week. Therefore, as expected, this week was a rush to finish up prototype materials details before we went on Thanksgiving break. The team met on Monday to discuss recent updates with the project. We (More)
This week has not been so productive for me. I have been out of town for the holiday. However, today I will work on the balsa wood wing prototype. I need to sand down the leading edge to the correct shape. I also need to cut places in the leading edg (More)
Christopher VanOstrand wrote: SAE AERO Design East Blog Post #11 bonus
This week not much was done due to the Thanksgiving break. The team met on Monday. We discussed Thanksgiving break and peoples availibility during winter break. We have yet to build a plane and we less than 3 months to make a set of planes for protot (More)
This week we showed the balsa wood wing design prototype progress to Dr. Landman. He liked where we were going and wants to see the prototype after thanksgiving. It will be a one foot section of the wing. Below you can see a sample of the ribs. The a (More)