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wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 12
I have been spread thin thin week between the final project, final paper, and coursework for other classes. As I mentioned last week, I've started writing the code I will use to analyze the thermoelectric data readings. I'm currently working in Matla (More)
wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 11
This week I mainly focused my efforts on compiling my subgroup's introduction, methods, and discussion sections for the team's final paper. Thanksgiving cut the week short so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I started working on the c (More)
jwyat001 wrote: Johnathon Wyatt - Blog 7
This week I took the opportunity to spend more time helping with integrating Labview into our project.  Last weeks success was a working thermocouple, and this weeks success was getting the load cell to read properly!  This involved creating a scal (More)
jwyat001 wrote: Johnathon Wyatt-Blog 6
This week I spent more time attempting to learn how to utilize LABVIEW with the LabJack U6.  At the end of the day the thermocouple was reading the correct temperature, but the load cell was only showing a differential voltage and not the actual loa (More)
rgonz001 wrote: Blog Post #3
This week was more informative than last week. The fun started on Tuesday when our team met up and discussed our sub teams. Will and I are the electronics and communications sub team for the ThinSat IV team. To be honest, I never pictured myself doin (More)
wpegr001 wrote: ThinSat Blog 3
This past week I was chosen to lead the communications team for the ThinSat project. From what I've gathered so far, I will be primarily working with software to optimize data transfer. A packet is a block used to communicate in a computer network, s (More)