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What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.)Technical skills are pretty much the same across the board with all the other mechanical engineers! I have AutoCAD drafting experience, minor programming skills, and other a (More)
sringleb wrote: Test Post
This was the example in class. (More)
Since the last blog post, we have made much progress on the project as a team. I have contributed 24hrs 10min in the last 3 weeks. This time has been spent on finalizing our design review for our advisors of the current technology regardin (More)
kneal002 wrote: Flight Sim Blog Post 4
Since the last blog post I have done further research into both FlightGear and learning some basic MatLab coding. After further research and surveying of FlightGear I have been better able to understand the strengths FlightGear will provide for out (More)