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Hey there Monarchs!For the past seven or so months the world has been struck with a pandemic. An unprecedented time in our lives as things are turned upside down by a force that is literally invisible to the naked eye. A virus.  As a college st (More)
For those currently teleworking, perhaps for the first time in their professional lives, there was little time to prepare for the cultural reset that would occur in the transition. Leaders work tirelessly to create a functional workplace culture. Bu (More)
On the Managerial Matrix assessment, I scored a raw score of 35 for “People” and 34 for “Task”, which then was calculated for final scores of 7 and 6.8, respectively. These numbers landed me directly in the center of the “Team Leader” po (More)
Prior to the event taking place, it would be beneficial to gather a small group of stakeholders to discuss our expectations and what we expect the event to look like. By establishing a collective idea of what a successful event looks like, our team (More)