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The genre that I have chosen to analyze here on this blog is the geopolitical podcast. As old media, like radio, has declined in popularity, the digital revolution has ushered in a new era of popular mediums, such as the podcast. The three podcasts (More)
lpete003 wrote: Digital Genre Analysis
*Disclaimer: A couple of the Instagram accounts have features such as in caption hyperlinks and links on the photos that are only accessible on mobile devices that can't be seen on a computer*      For my digital analysis (More)
About Cooking Blogs A cooking blog can allow you to share what you know about a cuisine, build community around food, and potentially attract the attention of publishers. It's a way to blend personal and cultural narratives, teach people new cook (More)
Introduction Food and cooking are fundamental social actions and, as such, represent an important subject of communication. From books to magazines to TV shows, one would be challenged to identify a medium that had not been used to communicate ab (More)
For my digital genre analysis report, I have chosen to analyze three different food blogs, each of them centered on the idea that the reader will wind up cooking or adapting the recipes for themselves. Though the blogs are similar in that mode of th (More)
Instagram is a social media app that focuses on photo/video sharing and adding filters. Instagram allows creators to find like-minded individuals to create and join discourse communities. Through this idea, the genre of Instagram Influencer feeds wa (More)