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There is no way to know if a computer is safe with one look. It takes several steps or even software to determine if the computer is secure. However, there is a definite way to answer whether the computer is safe or not through a set of questions an (More)
Cybersecurity is a good investment for companies that values information protection; otherwise, business does not need to protect themselves from cyberattacks when they are only selling donuts or something. However, while it may be a good investment (More)
Amidst COVID-19, the workplace is laying off employees, and thus they can't provide support for their customers. As a result, cybersecurity has become more prominent, and it allows companies to have employees work from home. In addition, cybersecuri (More)
Humans value confidentiality. They want to keep their private information private while minimizing information about themselves. Unfortunately, there are many ways a hacker can uncover hidden information, such as hacking or social engineering. Compa (More)
Create an app that rates software.Yacht GPS software that is secureBug Bounties are hard to find so good luckElaborate on your ePortfolio about who you areResearch new software that is better than the existing onesSearch for jobs, lik (More)
The US is ranked 20th while Finland ranked 10th in National Cyber Security Index (Index, n.d.). The political standing of both countries might correlate to the overall National Cyber Security Index (NCSI). Other factors of their perspective place ma (More)
Cybersecurity is not a new concept. Although its importance can be seen in companies, there's not much information about how companies use consumers' personal information. Many companies have taken advantage of users not reading the fine print. The (More)
Information Technology is closely related to cybersecurity. Information Technology, or IT, deals with system management (i.e., computer management, networking). The cybersecurity protects users and company against ill mannered people. Any potential (More)
ltupa001 wrote: Why Cybersecurity?
I was first introduced to programming in 8th grade. As I was scrolling through Facebook, there was a post about Facebook compiling a list of websites that allows anyone to learn how to program. There I saw a website called Codecademy. I start my jou (More)