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kwirt004 wrote: K. Wirtes Blog Post #11
This week I spent about 8 hours compiling all of the group's work into one final paper rough draft.  This was a bit of a task mainly trying to get all of the references to line up properly in EndNote.  Of course after hours of work on it, I realize (More)
ayere001 wrote: Alex Yerena blog post 9
This week I worked on my final methods assignment and my peer review for the methods assignment. The peer review of the methods assignment allowed me to improve my methods. I also helped with the final paper draft by submitting my final methods assig (More)
gfaul002 wrote: Blog Post 9
This week was spent finalizing the methods section I wrote. After the class peer review, I was given some good feedback that helped improve the paragraph I wrote. Also, I learned a little more about endnote when I met with my team members and we were (More)
rfent003 wrote: Blog 9
This week for the project, I spent time trying to learn EndNote.  I, as well as some of my teammates, have had difficulty uploading sources into a collaborative team file.  EndNote has proven to be a little more challenging to work with than I anti (More)
jmart127 wrote: Formula Blog Post #9
During this past week of my senior design class, we have been working on combing our introduction and methods paragraphs as a group in order to come up with a first draft of our final paper. I was not able to meet with my group and our advisor this w (More)