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jedwa014 wrote: Final Blog Post
What was your contribution to your project this semester?  To support this, provide and explanation AND links to 2-3 blog posts or provide up to three pieces of evidence (e.g., drawings, equations, etc.) that explain your contribution.  (More)
One thing I have done from the start to help us with the project is I created a Meeting Time Log (MTL) (Table 1) on an Excel sheet in the Google Share Drive, which keeps track of how many hours each meeting was with a brief description of what happe (More)
jedwa014 wrote: Blog 5
On Tuesday this week, we met with our advisor Dr. Hou, to discuss what we should be looking to accomplish between semesters. We came to the consensus of seeking responses from five different people working in industry to fill out a questionnaire and (More)
Since Blog Post #4, The team has been working on the Final Paper, Project Scope, Budget, Gantt Chart, and the AHP. We had a meeting with Dr. Hou on December 1st and we discussed creating a PowerPoint Presentation for the AHP and making sure the weig (More)
jedwa014 wrote: Blog Post 4
Since post #3 I have participated in 4 online meetings with the rest of the team, completed my entry for the pairwise comparison for our main criteria in the AHP spreadsheet built by Jordan, and compiled a questionnaire to send to a foreman I worked (More)
Since Blog Post # 3, the team has completed the list of criteria & sub-criteria and the rough draft of the AHP calculator in Excel. Lieutenant Lexi Royster of the coast Guard joined us for a meeting on November 5th to give us insight on what the (More)
1) Summarize the work that you have completed this week, do not summarize the work of the entire group (a picture and hours worked since your last post are still required). Some of the assignments that I have worked on this week are the list of c (More)
jedwa014 wrote: Week of Oct 5-11 Update
The past week has been fairly productive. We've settled into a routine of two online meetings a week of two hours each. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Hou, was able to join us this past Tuesday for our meeting to discuss some of the resources we've been c (More)
Since the first blog that was posted, the AHP project group decided to have meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 pm starting on 10/1/2020. During the first meeting Dr. Hou discussed in further detail the purpose of this pr (More)
chick013 wrote: Blog Post 2 - AHP
Since meeting with our faculty advisor, Dr. Hou for the first time, our group has been working on setting the base for our project. I have completed a brainstorming session to come up with as many factors that contribute to obsolescence of equipment (More)
What are your technical strengths (e.g., skills, option courses taken, etc.)I currently work at Newport News Shipbuilding and have been working there for about 7 years, which is experience in an industrial manufacturing facility.I am good at excel a (More)
chick013 wrote: Introduction Blog Post
My technical strengths are in test engineering, troubleshooting, fabrication, and design. My technical weaknesses are programming, data analysis, and debugging. I do not enjoy writing programs in Matlab. In MAE434W I would like to strengthen m (More)