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1) what tasks you have completed since your last blog post (this should be a detailed summary) We weighed the robot and found it to be between 80 and 100 pounds. We tested one of the motors and got it running. We wrote code and ran test in prepar (More)
pblod001 wrote: Blog post 4
With the newest addition of the team, the Phillips ultrasound probe, we were able to get a 3D scan. Using a FARO, a portable scanner that allows for a physical object to be converted to CAD file, we were able to get a STEP file. With this new advanc (More)
1.What tasks have you completed since your last blog post? We continued researching the Arduino unit for the motors. We’re still working with Kaipa on setting up the electric system and Arduino units that control the function of the motor. The (More)
dpret001 wrote: Blog Post 5
Since my last blog post, I wanted to add bearings into the Solidworks drawing, but I realized that I don’t know the dimensions of real bearings that could be considered for our design. That is also about the time I realized the gears I designed wa (More)
jcoul001 wrote: Tick Feeding Blog 5
Since the last post we have started 3D printing our material samples for testing. Not only are we testing the material itself but we had to verify that the printer could handle such a small thickness (0.2 mm). Now that it is verified, I have submitt (More)
                Since the previous blog post, progress has been made in a few different areas. A lot of time was spent working on the project administration front. The final (More)
Blog Post 4 A lot of progress has been made since the last blog post. As a group, we have met two more times via zoom and landed on a good starting design for our product. Our team member Dieter drafted it in Solidworks, and shared it with all of (More)
ngren001 wrote: Blog post 3 Lathe
This week I worked on my introduction to our project and discussed the limitations of our adapter. I learned about the stresses in gears from my design textbook. In addition, I learned about shear stresses and how the amount of horsepower exposed to (More)
Since the last progress report via blog post 2, we have progressed more as a group towards our objective. We concluded our brainstorming design phase, and in doing so chose a planetary gear cluster (PCG) to be our design intention. After settling on (More)